The Brief

The Sasol New Signatures art competition has been a platform for promoting emerging artists and their work to the art-loving public at large for many years, and it is recognised as the longest running art competition of its kind in South Africa. This year, Sasol are celebrating 26 years as the main sponsor and approached us to assist with developing the creative theme and
collateral for the event. We were given creative freedom to think of anything that would capture the attention of emerging artists and be different to anything done in previous years.

The Solution

Our thinking revolved around ‘how can South African artists use everyday objects to create art?’ So we took an everyday object (paper) and used it to create something different and unexpected. This evolved from a piece of paper, to a folded fortune-teller, to a full-paper lantern. The concept was that perception is key (it’s how you look at things) and the theme
was appropriately named AN EYE FOR POTENTIAL.

The Result

This year, 110 artworks were shortlisted from throughout South Africa for exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum. The exhibition drew in a substantial crowd of art-lovers and it was, in all, a great success for Sasol, the artists involved, and us at Dieselbrook.