Celebrate the roots of Durban Indian Cuisine.

Tsogo Sun commissioned us with one clear goal in mind – to develop a brand identity for an authentic Indian restaurant based at Suncoast Towers in Durban.

Dieselbrook developed the name, logo, iconography, colour palette, typography, and general imagery.

Central to Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, the cumin seed is known for its strong, bold flavour and aroma. Known as "jeera" in Hindi and "zeera" in Urdu, the cumin seed directly inspired the logo design. But we wanted to go even further. We embedded the spice’s earthy, warming and aromatic characteristics in the look and feel of the brand in an effort to establish a strong, well-differentiated presence in the existing hospitality market.

Durban is famous for a number of things, but it’s celebrated for its incredible Indian food. Our main objective was to celebrate the roots of Durban Indian cuisine.

Recognized as a flagship restaurant at Suncoast Towers, Jeera has become synonymous with an authentic experience that honours the rich cultural legacy of Durban’s Indian cuisine.