Badec Bros

Badec Bros

Badec Bros. approached us in 2019 to redefine their brand.
A rich history underpins a business that was started by two brothers at the age of only 17 in 1996.

Years later, the group consists of a division that custom designs and manufactures bespoke mall furniture for local and international clients, another that focuses on landscape design, as well as a luxury property development division.

At their core, the Badec Bros. group is a family business and aims to reflect this in how they approach their craft. For us, the message was clear: the group’s strength lies in their history and how they regard their clients as part of their extended family.

The First Step

The first step entailed identifying each division’s target market and core messaging for each of these. The overall brand message would remain the same and would focus on the significance of all their functions, just tailored to fit the individual market we were talking to.

We kicked off the design process by creating a unified logo for the group that makes it accessible and easy to recognise. The brand colours, corporate typography and stationery as well as the pictogram design had to reflect a robust and cohesive identity. In terms of the website design, these elements had to come together to make the customer user journey as seamless as possible.

Elements had to come together to make the customer user journey as seamless as possible.

Because we were dealing with lifestyle products and services that needed to convey a very particular story for each division, we realised that photography would play a major role in communicating the group’s essence.

We proposed black and white lifestyle photography to share the group’s personality with their clients. Providing a dramatic yet relatable sneak peak into the family’s day-to-day operations, these images would highlight the family’s passion and showcase the attention to detail that goes into their designs. However, the products had to take centre stage. The product photography needed to be clean and detailed, and should focus on the craftsmen’s workmanship.

Across all the Badec Bros.’s divisions, the brand look and feel formed a coherent unit.

We conceptualised and developed a corporate brand identity that managed to cut through the clutter and helped re-establish the brand’s presence within a highly competitive market.