At Toasteez we are re-inventing all-time favourites

With Toasteez, we wanted to re-invent the all-time favourite  - Toasted samies! The brief: create a name and brand that is simple, fun and as flexible as the food on offer. 

We created a fresh colour palette that was flexible to be used on packaging and would support the variety of the food on offer.

In addition to presenting customers with a packaging design that is visually attractive, it needed to stand out from the rest. We created unique structures to capture customers’ attention, and played around with the size.

We also had fun with designing the iconography. But we made sure they facilitate better, clearer and faster communication, and that they help customers with the ordering process.


Project Deliverables

Research & strategy
Brand & Product Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery Design
Promotional Design
Brand Style Guide

We also had fun with designing the iconography whilst ensuring they facilitate clear communication.