Cashflow Capital

Simplifying Funding Through UX/UI Design

The objective of the project was to develop a user-friendly website to simplify the online processing of Cash Flow Capital’s funding applications and to integrate their application process with their existing CRM system.

Cash Flow Capital is a young, dynamic company that was founded by a group of professionals who wanted to assist SMEs in growing their businesses by providing quick and easy access to capital. By leveraging its unique distribution channel and a proprietary credit model, Cash Flow Capital has managed to grow into one of the leading unsecured business funders in South Africa.

We were tasked with creating a more accessible and user-friendly website for Cash Flow Capital that would enable both applicants and the Cash Flow Capital team to navigate new funding applications with ease. As part of the brief, we also had to integrate their application process with their existing CRM system.


UX/UI Design
CRM Integration

Our team applied tried and tested UX and UI design principles to simplify the user’s journey when applying for funding solutions. This enabled us to improve the website’s appearance, interactivity, usability, and overall look and feel. After integrating Cash Flow Capital’s application process with their existing HubSpot CRM system, they were ready to once again give small businesses a leg up when they need it most.