JOCK Dog Food

We were tasked with improving brand awareness by finding an online voice for JOCK Dog Food and cultivating an engaged social media community.

JOCK Dog Food has been a trusted South African product found within countless homes across southern Africa. We were tasked with developing and implementing a social media strategy for the brand. 

Our strategy was centred around the insight that pets are truly part of the family. We focused on producing quality content that informs, educates and engages users in equal measure.

We incorporated subtle hints of humour and playfulness into our posts and animations, and put our own spin on the content by identifying with the target market and their experience as dog owners. In the process, we injected personality into a product that could have been just another product found within a particularly saturated market.

The strategic approach allowed for a sense of authenticity that resonated with the target market.

The success of this strategy became apparent when we launched JOCK Dog Food’s Grandeur range online. The messaging of this campaign had to align with the integrity of the product, but it had to be presented in an accessible format that would be introduced via JOCK’s social channels. 

The results were fantastic, organic growth and increased engagement.

The legend behind every family

Content is King!

With our “content is king” mantra firmly in place, we’ve proven that building and, more importantly, maintaining strong relationships with viewers and readers by engaging with them in a meaningful way, leads to authentic connections and valuable customer data.

This strategy of combining varied and unique content gives JOCK Dog Food the confidence to stand out and flourish as a one-of-a-kind brand.