Brand Development

Montecasino is more than a casino, it is an absolute feast for the senses; an intense explosion of colour, texture, and taste. It’s the architecture, history & culture, the beauty, fashion, food and diversity on offer.

Montecasino’s Tuscan-inspired architecture, reflected in their luxurious accommodation and spectacular gardens, encompasses the spirit of Italy. We wanted to capture this Italian essence in Montecasino’s brand repositioning by returning to these roots. 

Taking a break from minimalism, our objective was to celebrate Italian living within a South African context with bold and vibrant brand imagery and photography, loud hues and statement dressing used throughout the campaign. By underlining the importance of style and sophistication and how it ties in with Italian culture, we were able to create an updated, cohesive identity that resonates with the current market.

Dieselbrook managed the entire process from developing the storyboards to casting the models and directing the photography.

Brand Promise

To create la dolce vita experiences

Brand Essence

An exciting Italian Escape

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The visual style is evolved in its approach and takes it a step further to a more sophisticated modern Italian design. The visual style is inspired by Italian fashion designers and modern graphic design & typography.