The Wine Farmer

From idea to first sale in three weeks., a story of hope and ingenuity for the South African Wine farmers during the pandemic.

The Brand

The project, spearheaded by SAAI - the South African Agri Initiative - is an organisation focused on promoting and protecting the interests of South African family farmers.

The development of the logo, all brand collateral and complete eCommerce website had to be completed within a very tight deadline to ensure that we could assist the family farms in creating revenue during this trying time.

Our team created a simple logo fashioned from a farmer, his beard and the vineyards to signify the essence of South African family-owned and operated wine farms. The logo was just the first step. The creative team then developed the brand story whilst our UI team started with the website development.

The Website

We chose WordPress as the foundation for the website, which allowed a quick design & development cycle and then added WooCommerce to handle the heavy lifting for the eCommerce on the site. In addition to integrating with Aramex’s warehouse in Cape Town to manage all stock and shipping, the website was translated into Afrikaans and English - enabling users to use the site in their preferred language.

A dedicated page for each farm showcasing their winemaker, top 4 wines and location was added in conjunction with an interactive wine route.

With a beautiful brand and functional eCommerce store in place, the next step was to get people to the site and create sales. Dieselbrook implemented a comprehensive social media strategy that included paid promotions, video, competitions, and other elements to achieve this.

Ten months and two lockdowns later, we’re still going strong. The initial ten farms have grown to 20, and we’ve sold more than 4,500 bottles of the best from South Africa’s family-owned wine farms.

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