Kyocera – Infinite Potential

Television – Ad Campaign

KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa - Infinite Potential

One of the underlying philosophies of the KYOCERA brand is making decisions driven by the thought: “What is good for humankind”. It is a golden thread that runs throughout KYOCERA’s world-wide operations and is underpinned by the KYOCERA Philosophy. To further enhance this thought process, KYOCERA MITA South Africa undertook the momentous task of defining aspects of this philosophy in the creation of a new television commercial.

The KYOCERA “Infinite Potential” television advert was conceived by Pretoria-based agency Dieselbrook and produced by Petar Spiljevic of Velocity. The commercial showcases that technological advancement can bring great changes. Whilst humankind continues to evolve, develop, pioneer and break new boundaries, KYOCERA, who are forward thinkers, are looking at solutions and consequences for tomorrow — just one more thing the brand can be counted on for.