Sasol New Signatures 2023

Back in 2015, Sasol approached Dieselbrook to develop a creative theme and the accompanying collateral for their prestigious Sasol New Signatures Art Competition. Every year since then, we’ve helped to position this illustrious competition in a way that captures the hearts and minds of both emerging artists and industry stakeholders alike.

Sasol New Signatures was established by the South African Association of the Arts Northern Transvaal (now Association of Arts Pretoria) to provide a career-building platform for emerging artists. The competition has always been closely aligned with various university art conservatories, giving students an opportunity to showcase and benchmark their work. This illustrious New Signatures competition has and continues to contribute to the growth and development of art academies throughout South Africa.

In 2015 we were given complete creative freedom to conceptualise a campaign that would capture the attention of emerging artists and key industry role players. Because the campaign was considered such a success, we have been given this responsibility every year since then.

Apart from conceptualising the name and concept of each campaign, we also ensure that the brand’s messaging remains present throughout all applications. This includes the full creative design, the photoshoot, the roll-out process across above-the-line marketing channels, as well as print, digital and direct marketing platforms.

“Expressions Unbound” was the slogan for the 2023 edition of the competition, and is a phrase that embodies the competition’s long-standing commitment to providing a space where emerging artists can display the fullness of their imaginative potential and self-expression. This theme celebrated the enduring and timeless power of stories, both intimate and grand, which are shared by the countless artists who enter their artworks each year.

Winner 2023
Nosiviwe Matikinca

These hand-me-downs are special as they embody the
journeys walked by their respective owners. In poorer
communities throughout the country, an old pair of shoes is not thrown away when it is still wearable, it is seen as precious.

Nosiviwe Beauty Matikinca was born in the City of Cape Town and grew up in Hermanus. During her educational stint in Cape Town, she attended Cedar High School of the Arts and took extra art classes at the Peter Clarke Art Centre. After moving back to Hermanus, she continued her art training through after-school art classes at the Enlighten Education Trust with Zimbabwean artist Ashleigh Temple-Camp. Presently, Matikinca is a third-year student completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha.

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