Sasol Service Station

A brand-first approach for the service station of the future.

We set our ambitions on creating a brand-focused architectural blueprint for all Sasol Delight service stations with one goal in mind – to create an immersive, user-centred experience that would propel all customers directly into the future.

The goal was to lead with a brand story that would elicit an emotional reaction and create a great first impression. The design had to be futuristic without losing touch with South Africa’s unique heritage and culture, allowing convenience to take centre stage.

Personalised User Journeys.

To support our design methodology, we mapped out user journeys which highlighted why and how customers made use of each service station. This allowed us to ground our branding and creative direction in research which provided invaluable insights into how to personalise every aspect of the service stations.

Our creative direction was actualised by partnering with Pattichides & Partners, an industry leader in the field of architecture and interior design.

The Good Nation Station.

Sasol Delight is an honest, cheerful, and down-to-earth brand that resonates with all South Africans. To live up to the brand’s reputation, the design of all service stations not only had to deliver more than the customer was expecting, but also had to create an infectious culture that personified the brand and make every fuel stop a memorable experience. These goals were realised by leading with a customer, environment and brand-centric approach instead of allowing architectural and physical requirements to dictate the design.

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